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Homeopathy for Cats

 Through years of owning, working with and breeding cats I have learned a great deal about the cats' ailments and temperaments. Every responsible cat owner and breeder knows that there are occasions where you need the assistance of a vet but there are also times where cats can be treated with the use of homeopathy. I regularly use homeopathic remedies to treat my cats and have found them to be very successful on all sorts of occasions even those where veterinary assistance is required later. Homeopathy is alternative in philosophy, holistic in perception, natural in action and complementary in practice homeopathy can not only come in handy treating sickness but also in cases of temperament. I have particularly studied this form of homoeopathy including the Bach flower remedies. People who run multi-cat households or even own a solitary cat find this form of homeopathy particularly helpful in treating all sorts of temperamental problems new or ongoing. However, the only way to use homeopathic remedies successfully in all cases is by careful observation to help determine the right remedy for usage. Potency of treatment is also an important factor a high potency is useful in a healthy cat which will respond quickly. However a slower healing condition or a cat that is more ill will tend to respond better to a lower potency


Origins of Homeopathy 


German doctor Samuel Hahnemann

discovered homeopathy in the nineteenth

 century when trying to come up with a

healthy cure for sickness that did not

involve such toxic ingredients and heroic

compounds as were being used at the

time. Around this time Hahnemann

embarked on a famous experiment

involving the use of a Peruvian bark


which contains quinine for use in the

treatment of malaria. Scottish physician

Cullen had suggested that the only use of

 this was due to it's tonic action on the

stomach. Hahnemann however was

sceptical of this theory and after boiling

up four drachms of the substance and

proceeding to drink it for several day's he

 found he began to suffer from the awful

symptom's of malaria aching joint's,

sweating and a high fever. After he

ceased usage of this tonic he found that

all symptoms stopped immediately.

Determining that although this remedy

can treat malaria in an infected person it

can also bring on the symptoms in a

healthy person. Such as many natural

remedies. Hahnemann later described

this as the natural law. Many other

experiments have been conducted since

and homeopathy is continually being

proved to be one of the healthiest and

successful treatments in all types of





 Why use homeopathy to treat your cat ?


We do not have all the space or time to fully

address all aspects and benefits of using

homeopathy to treat your cats but no

differently than using homeopathy to treat

yourselves or your family, the natural way

can be the most complimentary, convinient

and least harmful manner of medication.

 Remember it was sheep grazing on the alpine

slopes we first saw seek out Arnica Montana

to heal grazes and swelling. Nature will

always find a way. For every action there is a

 reaction and homeopathy simulates this. 


Our cats have smaller internal organs than

ours and have to work much harder to

combat many of the toxic compounds found

in pharmaceutical drugs, which often have

many an adverse reaction on our feline

friends. Far too often long and large courses

of antibiotics are prescribed to treat problems

that could have easily been combated using




You can use soft tablets to treat your cat


which will dissolve on the tongue before he


has chance to spit it out. Remember wait until


after your cat has eaten and avoid feeding or


water for fifteen minutes after treatment.




If you would like to know more about using homeopathy to treat your pets or purchase remedies please visit





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